The Gone Fishin' Portfolio

The Gone Fishin’ Portfolio

Many of us have been conditioned to believe that investing is too difficult and time-consuming to attempt on our own. With so many products to choose from and so many risks involved, a financial “professional” is the only person qualified to handle the money you'll retire on some day, right?

The truth is no one cares more about your money than you do. And with a basic understanding of the investment process and the time-tested strategy offered here, you can successfully manage your own portfolio in less than 20 minutes a year.

In The Gone Fishin' Portfolio author and The Oxford Club's Chief Investment Strategist Alexander Green details an effective, yet simple approach to investing that embraces the uncertainty of financial markets and reveals how you can generate exceptional results during both good times and bad.

Page by page, you'll discover how the The Gone Fishin' Portfolio will allow you to earn superior returns, reduce risk, minimize taxes and eliminate Wall Street's mountain of fees.

Divided into three comprehensive parts, “Get Wise,” “Get Wealthy” and “Get On With Your Life,” this reliable resource...

  • Discusses the relationship between risk and reward in financial markets, and reveals how the investment industry really works
  • Unveils the “Gone Fishin' Portfolio,” addresses why it's arguably the safest and simplest way to reach your long-term financial goals and explores the financial and psychological challenges you're likely to face in the years ahead
  • Examines what it means to take your financial destiny into your hands and, at the same time, reclaim your most precious resource... your time.

The Gone Fishin' Portfolio is based on an investment strategy that won a Nobel Prize in economics. Yet setting it up is a snap and maintaining it is even easier. You'll need less than 20 minutes a year.

The philosophy behind The Gone Fishin' Portfolio is based on the best investment thinking available. Investors who have put their money to work this way have enjoyed years of market-beating returns while taking far less risk than being fully invested in stocks.

The Gone Fishin' Portfolio will allow you to reach your most important investment goals, beat Wall Street at its own game and achieve the financial independence you deserve.

This hardback copy sells for over $18, but you can get it here for just $14.99 – and we’ll even waive the shipping cost. If you decide you’re not completely satisfied, just return the book within 30 days for a refund (minus the shipping fee).

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