Investment U’s Top 39 Clever (but Easy) Money Hacks

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“Top 39 Clever (but Easy) Money Hacks:
Unknown but Proven Ways to Create Cash”

Wealthy people already know this secret... that becoming wealthy is about more than just making money; it’s also about not spending money when and where you don’t have to.

If you’ve ever wanted to know the wealth-building and cash-saving secrets of the “millionaire next door,” here they are all in one comprehensive, powerful report!

These are the 39 best, effective techniques that many ordinary people use to help quietly amass million-dollar fortunes... even if they aren’t in the coveted top 15% of income earners in America.

These secrets can save you thousands on fees, taxes, travel costs, subscriptions, education costs and cars, and even show you where to collect cash from little-known programs.

We tapped our vast network of Investment U wealth experts to gather these unique, powerful and actionable ideas, which you won’t find anywhere else.

These favorite loopholes of the wealthy can help you live a richer and more fulfilling life. Just look at what you’ll learn...

  • The ONE simple change you can make that will add $3,000 to your social security payouts
  • How to send your kids to Ivy-League schools for pennies on the dollar
  • The “Five-Minute Chore” that will hand you an instant 100% on your money (it might sound too good to be true... but it isn’t!)
  • How to add from $45,000 to as much as $2.3 million to your retirement account in just 10 short minutes
  • How to implement this easy “Ivy-League Retirement Booster” that will help you sail into your golden years 100% worry-free
  • How to give yourself an instant raise – easily and legally – without even asking your boss!
  • How to provide your family’s next newborn with a $2.451 million bonanza
  • The easiest way to virtually guarantee a hotel room upgrade at ANY hotel
  • Retire 10 years earlier thanks to a “Section-703 IRA” most people don’t know about.

This is the best of the best of wealth-saving ideas all in one place. Following these secrets can add thousands of dollars to your bank account in the next year... almost effortlessly. And that is even if you don’t earn a dime more than you did last year.

Don’t work hard just to needlessly throw your money away when there are proven ways to keep it in your pocket. These are NOT complicated maneuvers. They are all very easy to implement and will quickly pay off for you.

More valuable secrets you’ll learn in this report include...

  • How to triple the interest you earn on your CDs with this easy expert move
  • Little-known tactics for collecting unclaimed cash from sources you never imagined
  • The “Ultra-IRA” - how to build your personal nest egg as high as $3.5 million... without paying ANY account-draining taxes on it?
  • Where you should NEVER open up an IRA
  • The “Offshore Money Secret” Uncle Sam doesn’t need to know about
  • How to take luxurious, all-expense-paid world cruises for FREE
  • How wealthy people score four to seven FREE cross-country flights every year...  and how anyone can do it
  • How to claim your free “subscription” to a top financial newspaper.

And much more!

If you don’t expect a huge jump in your income in the immediate future, no problem. You’ll learn how to build wealth in the other direction by saving and NOT spending when you can avoid it. This collection of tips and secrets from wealthy experts will show you how.

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