The Essential Options Manual

Whether you’re just starting out in the options world or are a more seasoned trader, if you truly want to master this often-misunderstood investment vehicle, you need The Essential Options Manual by your side.

This is a complete options crash course – and the perfect trading companion. In this book, you’ll learn the anatomy of options, from the very basic, essential elements right up to the more advanced options trading techniques that you can use to really supercharge your gains.

You’ll learn:

  • What options are, why to buy them, and exactly how they work
  • How to open an options trading account
  • Secret tips and strategies to beat the market makers and get the right price
  • How to assess the fair value of an option
  • How to place your orders – buying and selling
  • Evaluating options risks – and how they can work in your favor
  • Using volume to identify winning trends
  • Using volatility to find the best options bargains
  • How to read and understand an options chain
  • How to use LEAPS options for big gains
  • How covered calls can slash your downside risk
  • How to use straddles and strangles to profit from any market

Most investors shy away from options, confused by the terminology, unsure of the risks, or skeptical of the profit potential. But ignoring options could be a huge mistake. They represent your best opportunity to score big returns, while allowing you to cover your risk. That’s why we developed The Essential Options Manual. This book explains the ins and outs of the options world in a practical, easily understood form. And once you understand the essential strategies needed to put options investing to work, you can truly start to maximize your gains.

If you want to trade options, it’s critical that you have a solid understanding of the terminology, risks and rewards involved. You need The Essential Options Manual.

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