The Top Five Biosimilars to Retire On

Today we’re at the tipping point of a biosimilar drug revolution... a $110 billion industry shift in revenue away from Big Pharma...

And into the pockets of a new breed of up-and-coming biotech companies.


A recent FDA decision unlocked a new market for “generic” copies of biologic drugs...

Creating a brand-new “biosimilar” market.

This is going to change everything we know about investing in the healthcare sector.

By 2018, these new biosimilar drugs will account for half of all drug sales.

And just weeks from now, we’re going to see wave after wave of gains in the biotech sector as this story starts leaking out.

In this report, “THE TOP FIVE BIOSIMILAR STOCKS TO RETIRE ON,” you’ll get a proven template for how to play this situation.

And you’ll learn why this is a pitch right down the middle for prepared investors...

It’s because biosimilar drugs have been approved in Europe for over a decade... and we only need know what happened there to predict what’s going to happen in the States.

Overseas we’ve witnessed tremendous short-term gains...

Stada, up 162%... JCR Pharmaceuticals, up 249%... Beijing SL Pharmaceutical, up 148%... Biocon, up 145%... Wockhardt, up 1,212%... and more.

In “THE TOP FIVE BIOSIMILAR STOCKS TO RETIRE ON,” you’ll find their equivalents in the U.S. exchanges.

In this report, Marc Lichtenfeld reveals the names and ticker symbols of the companies best positioned to reward early investors...
  • FIRST, an under-the-radar Dutch “pick and shovel” stock that provides the DNA tools needed by everyone in the biosimilar market. Soon, every biosimilar company will be coming to it. Its growth depends only on the growth of the market, so this is a long-term “set it and forget it” retirement stock.

  • SECOND, two pharmacy benefit management stocks. These companies will make billions as the middlemen between pharmacies and biosimilar producers. These steadily climbing value stocks will continue to rise as the biosimilar market takes off... and the baby boomer generation ages.

  • THIRD, the blue-chip biotech that’s positioning itself to become the Teva, Dr. Reddy’s, Abbott Labs or Mylan of tomorrow. It’s a widely held stock, so it might already be in your portfolio.

  • It’s one that could turn $1,000 into as much as $561,340 like Mylan did after rocketing exceptionally high with the rise of generic drugs.

  • And FOURTH, Marc’s most urgent recommendation. This little-known small cap could grab a 50% market share in a $4.2 billion drug. This would allow it to rise 600% or more over the coming weeks.

  • After that, it has more drugs in the pipeline... and could even rise 600% or more when just a few of these reach the market.
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