Prime System Trader

Matthew Carr’s Prime System Trader VIP research service is based on one very simple principle called Prime.

In short, Prime is a way to...

  • Increase market returns by as much as 300% to 600%.
  • Reduce risk by up to half.

And here’s the surprising thing... it doesn’t require any tricks or gimmicks to achieve these results. The long and short of it is this...

Matthew, Emerging Trends Strategist at The Oxford Club, has discovered that certain stocks follow predictable patterns during certain time periods each year.

During some months, they always seem to go down. And in other months, called Prime Periods, the stocks always seem to go up.

By purchasing only during the Prime Periods, the results have proven to be dramatically better, with much less risk.

And Matthew’s results from using this technique in his VIP Prime System Trader service have been staggering...

He produced gains of 163% on The Cooper Companies... and 540% on Electronic Arts... and 695% on Children's Place. At one point, he closed out plays of 200%, 212% and 174% all in a single day.

And if that’s not impressive enough, on April 20, 2015, Matthew closed out a massive 2,733% gain on Columbia Sportswear... The single biggest return in Oxford Club history.

And Matt’s readers seem quite pleased, to say the least...

For example, Michael, from Petaluma, made $22,234 in his first year. Todd Crenshaw made more than $15K. Jacob, from Boca Raton, made “200% in less than one month.”

Subscriber Martin Lau wrote in with perhaps the best praise in my view. He says it produced earnings which no other program has produced.”

So if you would like the chance to increase your market returns by as much as 300% to 600% while cutting your risk by up to half...

If you’re ready to try a new approach to investing... one that’s based on a predetermined plan rather than “guessing” or “gambling”...

Then sign up as a new subscriber to Matthew Carr’s Prime System Trader right now. As a subscriber, you’ll be entitled to all benefits, starting with:

  • A Special Alert on the next Prime System Trader Recommendation: We’ll send you all the details on the next stock set to hit its Prime Period. This stock has a history of strongly outperforming the market each year during this time. You’ll receive the alert informing you when to get in the moment Matthew is ready to send it out.
  • Approximately 24 Scheduled Recommendations per Year: As a subscriber, you can expect to receive approximately two Prime opportunities each month that exhibit the highest returns and lowest risk. You will receive details including open and exit dates, the financial strength of the company and its long-term track record. Matt’s goal is to let you use this service to seamlessly hit each stock during its Prime Period.
  • Weekly Updates on All Positions: You’ll be kept up to date on all positions with Matthew Carr’s weekly alerts. He’ll let you know your gains so far, what recommendations he’s looking at entering each week and what future plays are on the horizon.
  • Special Discounted Price: Start your subscription today, and you'll also receive over 15% off the retail price for Prime System Trader. Instead of $2,500, you'll pay just $2,095 for the entire year of access to the Prime System strategy.

Next year, when your subscription is up for renewal, we will keep you locked in at this discounted rate when we bill your card.

The great thing about this “auto-renew” feature is that you lock in the lowest available price and guarantee that you never miss a single alert. It does not obligate you in any way; if you are not satisfied with the service - for any reason - all you need to do is call our toll-free number within 90 days to receive a full refund (minus a 10% processing fee). The reports and information are yours to keep, compliments of Matthew Carr.

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