Oxford Bond Advantage

With 10-year Treasurys paying a meager 1.9%, higher yields sound either too good to be true or risky.

But over the past few years, Steve McDonald has quietly perfected a very unusual moneymaking strategy.

It’s a way to collect legally binding 6% to 25% returns outside the stock market.

I’m talking about a way to lock in – beforehand – how much you stand to make... while collecting returns that often outshine what stocks can deliver.

The New York Times reports that it’s “done better than stocks in good markets, and better than stocks in bad markets as well.”

The Wall Street Journal says it’s “a small but highly lucrative niche.”

And U.S. News calls it an“alternative to the stock market.”

Using this strategy, Steve will show you how to make money no matter what happens in the market... even if the stock market falls... if it goes up another 2,000 points... or if it scrapes along sideways for years to come.

Bottom line: If you don’t like the risk and constant worry of stock market investing, Steve, Bond Strategist at The Oxford Club, has the perfect solution for you.

Steve’s popular Oxford Bond Advantage service allows you to invest in America’s best companies by capturing contractually guaranteed returns that often pay even more than what you can get in stocks... at a fraction of the risk and volatility.

Steve currently has an 88% success-rate and often captures returns as high as 29%.

One person using this under-the-radar investment, Barry Fasching from Sarasota, Florida, says, “I am getting better returns than the stock market and I sleep at night.”

Another man, Ben Cranford, says, “The returns we are getting are great... and it’s nice being able to not worry.”

And then there’s Brian Jackson. He said Steve’s Oxford Bond Advantage is “The best strategy of investing I’ve ever seen.”

With this service, Steve is going to target a series of bonds that trade at a significant discount AND offer legally binding double-digit returns.

And if you accept this invitation to join today, you’ll receive every one of Steve’s Oxford Bond Advantage opportunities that come along this year, and all benefits, including...

  • Free Intro to Bonds Welcome Video: If you are new to bonds, we’ve recorded a complete rundown on the bond market for you. It’ll show you exactly how bonds work and how to buy them. It will also give you a detailed look on how to maximize your profits in bonds through Steve’s time-tested strategies.
  • Weekly Oxford Bond Advantage Research Letter: You’ll get the Oxford Bond Advantage research letter delivered by email on Tuesday of every week. It will provide details on upcoming opportunities, new plays and updates on current plays.
  • Approximately Four to Five Opportunities per Month: Each month, there are about four to five bonds that meet the strict criteria Steve requires before making a recommendation. Remember, the bonds he recommends generally trade at a discount. And the companies behind them have to be financially strong. You’ll receive simple instructions for if you wish to take action. We'll give you all the details you need to invest easily, including the bond’s name and nine-digit identification number. We’ll tell you the scheduled payouts and payout dates.
  • Weekly Market Commentary and Updates on Open Bond Positions: Steve’s weekly research and analysis will also help you to monitor all your open positions and keep track of market conditions that may affect your bond picks and any other investments you may have.
  • 24/7 Urgent “Buy” and “Sell” Alerts: As needed, we will notify you when an urgent opportunity presents itself that's too good to miss. We'll tell you when to take action immediately on a promising new position... or bank quick profits from an existing one. But you won’t have to worry about this too often. The purpose of this service is not to have you constantly watching your inbox for recommendations!
  • Password-Protected Website Access: You'll receive exclusive access to the Members-only archive site for all Oxford Bond Advantage reports and recommendations. So you can check on past and current positions anywhere, anytime.
  • Breaking Opportunity Video Briefings: Every Friday, you will receive Steve’s video report. He’ll discuss the bonds recommended recently, why he recommended them and where he sees the best profit opportunities opening up... plays poised to deliver big gains in the future. Plus, he’ll explain bond trading strategies in more detail for those interested in the “technical details.”

The Oxford Bond Advantage’s results are unparalleled in the financial publishing industry. As subscriber James Abernethy says, “This service is worth every penny.”

So the value of Oxford Bond Advantage is immense. The full retail price is $4,995. But today, you can join for a full year for just $1,200. Next year, when your subscription is up for renewal, we will keep you locked in at this discounted rate when we bill your card.

The great thing about this “auto-renew” feature is that you lock in the lowest available price and guarantee that you never miss a single alert. It does not obligate you in any way; if you are not satisfied with the service – for any reason – all you need to do is call our toll-free number within 90 days to receive a full refund (minus a 10% processing fee). The reports and information are yours to keep, compliments of Steve McDonald.

One-Full Year Just