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Oil and gas are the ultimate business. Every single country needs and demands energy. And if you know how to get a stake in all this energy at the right time, you can make huge amounts of money in very small periods of time.

Oxford Resource Explorer is our newest publication from Editor Matthew Carr that shows our readers how to do just that.

Matthew cut his teeth in the industry as a writer for the energy trade publications Natrual Gas Week, Gas Market Reconnaissance and Oil Daily. He also dug into exports and international trade finance for Business Credit magazine.

In Oxford Resource Explorer, he reveials the latest industry trends, so you can tap into perhaps the greatest wealth explosion since the 1950s.

Virtually nobody out there among ordinary investors has the connections, resources or insider knowledge to really understand what’s happening in the energy business. They see the news. But they don’t have any idea how to capitalize on it.

But with Oxford Resource Explorer, Matthew will be using his significant resources and contacts to clue our readers in on the companies that just got killer results on a new well... that are doubling, sometimes tripling profits... and that are building and operating new export facilities.

As an Oxford Resource Explorer subscriber, you will receive:

  • Benefit No. 1: 12 Monthly Editions of Oxford Resource Explorer – Every month, we prepare a detailed report on the best innovations, discoveries, technologies and companies that will produce the biggest profits in the months ahead. Remember, this is the one area of the U.S. economy that is booming. The opportunities here will be greater than in any other areas of the market. We’ll assess the profit potential of each and then tell you what steps to take. Our goal with this is first, to never lose money, and second, to bring in profits fast.
  • Benefit No. 2: Oxford Resource Explorer Trade Alerts – Whenever the moment arrives to take profits, you will receive an instant alert that notifies you of exactly how to do so. We want you to be able to take your profits and put them right back to work in the next winner. That maximizes your returns.
  • Benefit No. 3: Access to the Oxford Resource Explorer Portfolio – You can access all of Matthew's and Contributing Editor David Fessler's recommendations at www.oxfordclub.com.
  • Benefit No. 4: Oxford Resource Explorer Special Situation Reports – Matthew is constantly in contact with company CEOs, experts in the industry and operators in the field. Every once in a while, a situation will pop up that deserves more attention than usual. Sometimes it’s news of a merger... or a brand-new oil discovery... or maybe a shortage of uranium in China.
  • In those situations, we’ll rush you a detailed report immediately telling you how to take advantage of it. These are some of the best profit opportunities, so be sure to look them over carefully right away.
  • Benefit No. 5: 24/7 Access to The Oxford Club’s Members-Only Website – This is the private, online access point where we store every intelligence briefing, investment recommendation and alert.
  • Benefit No. 6: Member Services – Your subscription includes unlimited use of our Member Services Team. If you find anything confusing or would like clarification on a feature of your subscription, or if you are having trouble accessing one of our reports, please call or email our team and they’ll handle everything.

The list price of Oxford Resource Explorer is $159. But we’re offering an instant $110 discount off the retail price of Oxford Resource Explorer. So, as a new subscriber, you’ll get it for just $49.

Furthermore, we’d like to give you three months to review Oxford Resource Explorer personally. You’ll get our monthly editions, trade alerts, weekly briefings, bonus reports and full access to the portfolio. And if, during those 90 days, you are any less than 100% satisfied, simply contact our Member Services Team, and you will receive a complete refund (minus a 10% processing fee).

Next year, when your subscription is up for renewal, we will keep you locked in at a discounted rate of $79 when we bill your card. The great thing about this “auto-renew” feature is that you lock in the lowest available renewal price and guarantee that you never miss a single alert. It does not obligate you in any way; and again if you are not satisfied with the service - for any reason - all you need to do is call our toll-free number within 90 days to receive your refund. The reports and information are yours to keep.

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