Advanced Energy Strategist

America’s energy resurgence is one of the great moneymaking opportunities of our era.

It’s the one area of the U.S. economy that’s positively surging forward... giving investors many chances to see outsized returns.

And David Fessler, The Oxford Club’s Energy and Infrastructure Strategist, is widely recognized as the leading guru in the energy and infrastructure business.

We were delighted when he joined our team of experts in 2010, especially because his initial report produced nearly a dozen recommendations – and every one he picked turned into a winner.

Shortly after, we launched his exclusive Advanced Energy Strategist research service.

In it, David, a degreed engineer, pinpoints companies poised to profit most from skyrocketing energy demand.

With his Advanced Energy Strategist Portfolio, Dave has already captured gains like 76% from a 15,000 mile-long pipeline... 130% from an “unknown” solar giant... 77% from a Vancouver energy conglomerate... and more.

Some of his readers have written in to say how much they enjoyed the HUGE returns they banked from Dave’s insight. For example...

Bud T., of Cary, North Carolina, decided to try Advanced Energy Strategist when it first launched in 2009: “Thanks for your many good recommendations... I have been with the service since the inception. I have done very well.”

Herbert S., in Rochester, New York, recently wrote in: “Advanced Energy has served me well with some nice gains... thank you very much! I will look forward to additional profitable recommendations in your new updates.”

Kevin O., a science enthusiast, also praised Dave’s recommendations: “They’ve been profitable and interesting to read about,” he says.

And Richard W., who confessed he was originally nervous about investing in the energy sector, wrote in: “Your theme of peak energy seems to me to be ‘right on’ – so keep up the good work and dig out those gems among the numerous candidates in the energy field!”

But Dave’s previous recommendations can’t hold a candle to what he believes lies ahead, as this sector pumps trillions of newly minted dollars into the American economy. Now’s the time for you to benefit from America’s booming oil and gas industry.

As a new Advanced Energy Strategist subscriber, you'll have access to...

  • Quarterly Issues of the Advanced Energy TrendWatch Report: Each quarter, you will receive institutional quality research with Advanced Energy TrendWatch. These blockbuster reports highlight the world's hottest energy trends – along with precise details on how to play them.
  • 26 Issues of Advanced Energy Weekly: Every week, you will receive detailed mini-reports on what David's researching right now – including updates on all his current positions. You'll get "sneak peeks" from ground zero and see what David's preparing for his next Advanced Energy TrendWatch. You'll even receive urgent new recommendations that just can't wait until the official publication.
  • The Advanced Energy Portfolio and Website: You'll receive your personalized (and confidential) password to access the Advanced Energy website, where you can see all published reports and weekly updates. You can also view the current portfolio, including "Buy"/"Sell"/"Hold" recommendations, day or night.

In total, you'll get all of this, along with your one-year subscription to Advanced Energy Strategist. And you'll get it at the discounted price of just $1,195 (more than 45% off the retail price). In one year, when your subscription is up for renewal, we will keep you locked in at this discounted rate when we bill your card.

The great thing about this “auto-renew” feature is that you lock in the lowest available price and guarantee that you never miss a single alert. It does not obligate you in any way; if you are not satisfied with the service – for any reason – all you need to do is call our toll-free number within 90 days to receive a full refund (minus a 10% processing fee). The reports and information are yours to keep, compliments of Dave Fessler.

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